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Key West Fishing Report

Summer is a perfect time to fish in the Keys. The flats are teeming with life and the deep sea waters still have a variety of fish on the surface and in the deeper waters.

Calm winds and hot summer mornings have been perfect for getting the tarpon fishing started early on the shallow flats and in the basins around Key West.

Once the sun comes up higher and visibility improves it’s great to hunt for bonefish and even permit. Although catching permit in calm conditions is possible, it’s easier with come chop on the water. Rougher water makes it easier to get closer to the fish without alerting them to your presence.

Deep sea fishing is perfect for mahi dolphin and yellowtail this time of year. There are also sailfish, marlin and wahoo lurking but you may find they are more active around the full moon at night and not during the day.

It’s been perfect for swordfishing too which has become quite popular off the Keys in recent years. There have been some very large swords caught just offshore of the Upper and Lower Keys.

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